I believe the true essence of life is far deeper than what society tries to paint. I believe the beauty of life lies in its simplicity, and its agony lies in its self-created complexity. I believe whatever wouldn’t matter after the point of death shouldn’t steal the heart through the course of life. I believe earth produces enough food for everyone to eat. I believe life should be spent in pursuit of something far bigger than life itself. I believe the greatest wars fought are not reported on the evening news, as they happen in the deep recesses of many hearts. I believe people should be given the right to choose for themselves, and should also be helped, where possible, to make the right choices. I believe if we knew the true power of our words the world would be a lot more quieter. I believe smart phones are only as smart as their owners. I believe Africa is a good place to raise a child. I believe December is a good time to get married. I believe weddings are the most beautiful things that ever happen in the court of law. Talking about the law court, I believe the most unfair hearing ever in legal history is the trial of Jesus Christ before the Sanhedrin. Yet I believe He chose to die for the sins of the world. I believe He rose up on the third day. I believe He shall come again someday soon.  I believe the end of life is really just its beginning. I believe this is what makes me Femi Reis. What do you believe? What makes you YOU?